Ontsiin tasarkhai (OT tour) LLC, is working stable since 2006.

We are local tour operator company with OT tourist camp located in the valley of snow capped Kharkhiraa, Turgen mountains duration of Altai, Soyon mountain range in Turgen sum (village) of Uvs province.

We are still working with other local and foreign tour operators as main advisor on Western Mongolian trips and connecting them with local herders, drivers and guides.

Our brand tour is trekking.

We arrange trips between 7 to 21 days in a favor of our customers and collaborator companies with experienced and professional local guides with their horses and Mongolian two humped camel carriage through all territorial biomes in short period, form desert biome to high mountain biome.

Also we are experienced on arranging Historical and Cultural, Nomadic life style, Photo safari, Birds and butterfly watching, and other Adventurous trip tours in Uvs, Khovd, Bayan-Ulgii provinces  of Western Mongolia.