Holly five peaks of Altai Mountains

Holly five peaks of Altai Mountains

Hiking in Altai mountains

Day 1
Arrival in Ulaanbaatar. Transfer to hotel.

Day 2
After breakfast go to the airport and fly to Ulgii and drive to Bear Valley tour camp.

Day 3
Drive to Ice river and set a base camp and meet up with herders who will carry our luggage with camels. Overnight in tent.

Day 4-5
We pack our stuff on a camel and start hiking to Potanin Glaciers and when we arrive there we set our tents. Next day we camp in the same place. In the daytime, we will walk around the glacier.

Day 6
We go back to our base camp and spend the night. It takes the whole day to go down.

Day 7
Drive to Uvs province to OT tourist camp.

Day 8
We visit the nomadic family and walk around.

Day 9
Get to Uureg lake and Tsagaan Shuvuutiin waterfall. Overnight in OT camp.

Day 10
Drive to Uvs lake. And overnight in tourist camp.

Day 11
Go to the airport in  Ulaangom fly back to Ulaanbaatar. Transfer to hotel.

Day 12
Drive to 13th Century complex in the morning. The afternoon we arrive in Tsonjin Boldog complex where the statue of Chinggis Khan is. Overnight in tourist camp.

Day 13
Drive back to UB and it is the shopping day!

Day 14
Breakfast at the restaurant.  Depart to the airport. 25km driving.

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