Nomadic Lifestyle and Cultural trip

Nomadic Lifestyle and Cultural trip

Live as Nomad

Do you want to meet with Nomads? Do you want to live with Nomads? Or do you want to live as a Nomad?
We are offering you a chance to live as Nomad up-to a week! You can feel it by yourself.

Day 1

Arrival date, Depart for hotel and relaxation for an hour. After delivering a lunch we have a city tour today. A city tour includes Sukhbaatar Square, Natural/National historical museum, Zaisan hill, Gandan monastery and cashmere shopping. Have dinner at a restaurant. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 2-9

Have a breakfast early in the morning and drive to Airport to catch a domestic flight to Ulaangom. The flight normally takes about 3 hours. Have lunch in Ulaangom city which is the core of the Uvs province lying in the north-west of Mongolia. After lunch, we travel to the nomadic herds family. In this trip, guests have to rest with family for 8 days to know and recognize Mongolian nomadic lifestyles and traditional civilization and custom so you sustain to be like real Mongolian nomads and feel how do they live this way. By the way, Mongolians are very hospitable, helpful and delightful people and then we trust you relish this trip, hopefully, and English or any language speaking tour guide will stay with you these days. In Mongolian lifestyle, women and workforce hold different functions. For example: Women  milks every animals those are cow , sheep, goat, mare and camels everyday and produces each type of milks into traditional milk products below aaruul, eezgii (types of dried curds) , cheese, butter, urum (cream formed on boiled milk ), airag (fermented mare milk) and Mongolian vodka(distilled vodka) etc. Also, they make their clothes and national dressing called ‘Del’ themselves. They use animal hair and pelt to create very good rope, yarn, felt and make flour by crop. Women also responses to make fire, pick argal (dried cow Poo to burn), and clean home. In this instance, you can perform everything as they do. We hope you like to be like real Nomadic Mongolians.

Day 10

Drive to Ulaangom for 120km and flight back to Ulaanbaatar. Transfer to hotel from airport and rest. Besides, we have a Mongolian Traditional Cultural Show before dinner. Mongolian Traditional Food for dinner at the restaurant.

Day 11

Depart to Airport for an international flight.

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