“Oirad Tumen” ethnic Mongolian international folk and cultural festival

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“Oirad Tumen” ethnic Mongolian international folk and cultural festival

About Festival

There are intangible heritage, household, historical, traditional, nomadic, arts, dialectal, writing, greeting, and cuisine etc, lots of different types of culture.

We Orshin Togtnohui LLC, organized “Ethnic Mongolian folk and cultural festival” with “Oirat Tumen” non-government organization’s initiative in Orshin togtnokhui tourist camp, Khergene, Turgen sum, Uvs province 11 years since 2006. From 2013 festival has widened to “Ethnic Mongolian international folk and cultural festival” and we are organizing it successfully.

In this Festival we receive different ethnic Mongolian contestants from Khalmik, Tuva, Goriny Altai of Russia, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Deed Mongol from China and from Mongolian Ulaanbaatar, Darkhan, Erdenet cities and neighboring provinces such as Uvs, Khovd and Bayan-Ulgii every year.

Point of the festival: It is for restoring and demanding the Oirat Mongolian traditional art and cultural heritage such as throat singing, traditional dance, ikhel (ancient type of fiddle), horse headed fiddle, tovshuur (guitar like two stringed instrument), and folk that have been protected for centuries, and to improve “By the land of Ancestors” new brad tour to advertise Mongolia.

Meaning of the festival: To unify the discordant some historical meanings, timeline and documents into one and to keep and pass the cultural heritage for generations to generations of ethnic Mongols.

Venue: We are organizing our festival since 2006 12th year in Orshin togtnohui tourist camp, Khergene, Turgen sum, Uvs province, Mongolia on 3rd to 5th August every year.

Organizers: “Oirad Tumen” NGO, “Ontsyn Tasarkhai” LLC

Partners: Department of Uvs province governor, Department of Turgen sum governor, “Orshin Togtnokhui” tourist camp, “Oirad theatre” of Uvs province.

Sponsors: Ministry of environment and tourism, “Oirad Tumen” NGO, “Ontsyn Tasarkhai” LLC, BOJSS cosmetic LLC, OCTARD cosmetic


  • During the festival, you’ll experience the Western Mongolian Nomad culture, tradition, lifestyle and watching how dairy products such as curds, cheese, vodka are produced visiting especially prepared gers
  • We’ll serve you by vehicles from Ulaangom, Bayan-Ulgii or Khovd provinces.
  • Distances to OT tour camp: 100km from Ulaangom, the central town of Uvs province 350 km from Khovd town, 220 km from Ulgii town
  • Before or after Naadam we organize one or two-day tours
  • Not allowed to sell or use alcohol

Tax: For those who are not located in our camp will pay 50000 tugriks for foreigners, and 10000 tugriks for locals.

Schedule of “Oirad Tumen” festival

August 3rd

Welcome our guests and contestants.

Welcome and departure our guests and contestants from other provinces.

August 4th

9am:  Opening ceremony of “Oirad Tumen” ethnic Mongolian international folk and cultural festival

10am: First stage of traditional folk and cultural contest. (Long song, traditional dance, throat song, folk, ikhel, horse fiddle)

4pm: Rest time

5pm: Second stage of traditional folk and cultural contest.

9pm: Awarding ceremony for best contestants, Best couple horseman, Best traditional clothing.

August 5th

9am: Registration for horse racing.

10am: Wrestling contest 1st, 2nd and 3rd stage.

12am: Horse racing contest.

  • Nomadic talent contest

4pm: Archery contest.

5pm: Awarding ceremony for horse racing.

6pm: Wrestling contest 4th, 5th and final stage.

7pm: Awarding and closing ceremony of festival.


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